2024 Convention schedule 
Anime OttawaMarch 29-31st
Anime NorthMay 24-26th
Montreal ComicconJuly 5-7th
Quebec ComicconOctober 12-13th
Ottawa ComicconSeptember 6-8th
Mini Montreal Comiccon?


2024 Horaire des conventions

Anime Ottawa29-31 Mars
Anime North24-26 Mai
Montreal Comiccon5-7 Juillet
Quebec Comiccon12-13 Octobre
Ottawa Comiccon6-8 Septembre
Mini Montreal Comiccon?

My instagram account

As some of you know, my instagram account @secretiovesick was disabled out of nowhere for "spam" that I've never done. I don't know if I was hacked, or if I pressed something wrong and instagram decided it was spam.For the time being, I've decided to move to a new account called @secretiovesick_art, as I'm uncertain if I'll ever get my main account back. Please read the highlights on @revale1100 for more information.

À propos de moi

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Sam et je suis un artiste indépendant vivant au Québec. Je dessine du fanart et des personnages originals.


Hello! I’m Sam and I’m a freelance artist and full time shop owner based in Québec. I draw fan art and original characters.My interests



Re:vale - Momo/Yuki
Genshin Impact
Kaveh, Alhaitham, Tighnari, Cyno, Albedo - Alhaitham/Kaveh, Cyno/Tighnari, Albedo/Aether, Childe/Scaramouche
Honkai star rail
Aventurine x Anyone that makes sense, Caelus x Dan heng, Bronya x Seele
N, Leon & Arven - N/Gray(OC), Arven/Lilian(OC) & Sonia/Leon
Kokichi & Shuichi - Saiouma, Saimaki & Harumota
Persona 5
Akechi & Joker - Akeshu
Noah, Mio, Morag, Melia - Noah/Mio, Brighid/Morag
Other fandoms
KAITO, Shin Tsukimi (YTTD), Basil (Omori), Kangel/Ame (NSO), Yuma and Vivia (Rain code)